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Can we say that we rocked it?!

Welcome to Rockville is an understatement! Thanks to this stellar festival we provided much-needed food and food product to some terrific organizations that helped the food insecure in Daytona Beach. Over 4,361 meals were provided via several sources from backstage including unused catering for artists, the various crews, and artist VIP areas.

Thank you to Danny Wimmer Presents, Feirin Wilson, Katiel Gray, Tre DuPree, and related staff. Without your belief in helping others, this huge accomplishment would not have happened.

Round of applause to Hope Place/ Halifax Urban Ministries, First Step, Daytona Dream Center, and Jerry Doliner Food Bank who picked up, inventoried, and are now in the process of providing nutritious and amazingly good food to those in need. Smashing Pumpkins indeed.

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