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The Cleanup is Almost (finally) Done...

....our supplies are put away, and we can finally take a breath. So, it's time for us to announce our MVPs who made this incredible Super Bowl weekend possible. Together, we saved THOUSANDS of meals to be served by charities in the Phoenix area.

The Big Play Award goes to Chef Tim Zubkoff of Phoenix Culinary Collective who had the foresight to contact us when he realized they would have extra catering left over from the Fox Sports Official Event. We took the handoff and rushed hundreds of meals straight to the charities under the cloak of darkness at 2 am.

The super caterers at C&E Catering; Mitch Katz, Lucy Martinez, Chef John Hilton, and Stephanie Sallie.

Erin Harding at DSP and Sean Langer at Desert Diamond Arena.

Our SUPER volunteers Justin Panasewicz and Brett Coleman who were the true MVPs.

The many police officers who were so gracious and kind to help us get through, pick up, distribute, and even helped with communications when we needed it! Your community thanks you!

For his exceptional "ground game," David Bartholomew. And we couldn't forget the Footprint Center Staff; Sarah Schock, Marlo McKinley, Ralph Marchetta; and of course Lupe Salas with Silver Grill.

Together, those mentioned and many others made a difference for St. Vincent de Paul, The Faith House, Ryan House, Phoenix Impact Center, 7th Street Food Pantry and Outreach, Victory Village, and Native American Connections.

Thank you all for your considerable contributions. You pulled off an amazing feat this weekend. We hope to see you during the off-season!

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