Musically Fed aligns with promoters, touring organizations, record labels, and other music organizations all across the United States.  Below you will find stories of the generosity of our partners including tours that we have done nationally: Zac Brown Band, Shawn Mendes, Fleetwood Mac, and Kenny Chesney. 

Success Snapshot: CMA Fest 2019 

Ten venues. Five days. Over 32 deliveries of food to six charities. Eight hundred people fed; veterans, homeless men and women, young people, and families.  Rain, lightning, mud. A team of volunteers, donating their time, SUVS, their brawn and working fourteen-hour days, coordinating with a myriad of intermediaries.  This is a day in the life for Musically Fed.  


Replicating our success in Phoenix, Musically Fed took a boots on the ground approach when we recently partnered with music industry powerhouse Warner Music Nashville and The Country Music Association (CMA), redistributing hundreds of pounds of excess catering from Nashville’s CMA Fest, over 6 days. 


 “Our chairman, John Esposito, and Warner Music Nashville prides itself on community involvement, so it was a natural fit to partner with Musically Fed.” 

- Chad Schultz, VP Radio & Streaming, Marketing, Warner Music Nashville


Together with our partners in Phoenix, Nashville, and across the country, Musically Fed is committed to joining the conversation on food waste and hunger.

Every opportunity we seize to re-purpose food and feed the hungry changes someone's life. Whether the outcome is helping one or many, our purpose is to serve. Please join us in the fight against food insecurity by supporting Musically Fed through donations, volunteering or on social media. Give how you can, what you can, when you can. Thank you!

Nashville Initiative

CMA Fest/Nissan Stadium

Thanks to Musically Fed’s amazing friendship and association with Kris O’Connor/Dega, Musically Fed was able to pick up catering from the Nissan Stadium shows every morning and distribute to various Nashville area organizations that feed the 1 in 8 that go hungry, thus fulfilling the mission of helping those greatest in need.

CMA Fest/Warner Music Nashville

Thanks to Chad Shultz, Wes Vause, and their amazing team at Warner Music Nashville (Austin, Shelby, Jessica!) Musically Fed was in a constant state of motion at CMA Fest 2019, picking up and delivering hundreds of meals to Nashville organizations dedicated to serving the hungry, homeless and food insecure.

Thanks to Warner Music Nashville, two representatives of Musically Fed were able to attend the night’s concert, meet staff, and had the honor of taking an official photo with label President John Esposito and WMN staff.  WMN donated leftover backstage catering from the event, which Musically Fed delivered to the Room at the Inn and Nashville Rescue Mission.

Thanks to the support of Chad, Wes, Jessica, Shelby, and Austin, Musically Fed had a valuable presence on-site at Warner Music Nashville during the week, and was able to feed young people in need through Nashville Launch Pad. Bringing an end to a great week, Musically Fed was able to meet Warner Music Nashville artist Hunter Hayes, and raise awareness that there is a need, laying the groundwork for Musically Fed’s continued presence in Nashville.

CMA Fest/Riverfront Stage

Special thanks to Jessica Ladd and Kenny Corbett, head of catering for the Riverfront Stage. 

Thanks to their generosity, we were able to repurpose food from breakfast and lunch, every day. This was no small task. As our primary food contributor, six Nashville-area agencies benefitted, feeding many homeless men and women, veterans and young people. 

Through their kindness, we even had a place to stay out of the torrential rain while they were getting the food!

Arizona Initiative

MANA House

As Musically Fed’s inaugural partner, MANA House (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force) serves veterans in need, providing transitional housing, advocacy and resources to combat homelessness. Under the auspices of Catholic Charities, MANA house remains a primary beneficiary of Musically Fed, having served thousands of meals since our inception in 2014.

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Innings Fest

Thanks to the generosity of C3, Tim Sweetwood, and Michael’s Catering Musically Fed has been able to feed almost 700 people in the two years that Innings Fest has been produced in Tempe, AZ.

Ryan House