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JaBurg Wilk Law Firm
Attorney at Law

Neal Bookspan is an Equity Partner at Jaburg Wilk, a Phoenix-based law firm.  Bookspan has extensive experience in real estate, advising clients on residential and commercial real estate issues and in the acquisition and sale of all types of commercial property. He also advises clients on issues related to mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, construction, and commercial litigation including the prosecution and defense of complex, multi-party disputes.


Bookspan has a pragmatic approach to solving client’s legal issues and looks for a practical solution in the client’s best interests. He frequently publishes articles on a range of business and legal issues in BusinessLawGuy’s Blog (, as well as a music blog named the Friday Jam(s) that, in addition to being sent to a large email following, can be found through playlists on YouTube.


Bookspan also invests his time in his community by serving on non-profit boards, including Musically Fed.

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