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Drive-Through Event in Tempe Provides 1000 Meals

This past weekend in Tempe, Musically Fed delivered an early Christmas to more than 50 families-in-need from the live event industry as well as 8 special veterans’ families. Our drive-through event at Rhino Staging provided boxes that included turkey, rice, and macaroni as well as desserts of gingerbread men and cookie treats, for a total of 1000 meals!

Our gratitude to Jayson Adamsen and Natalie Rizzo of Rhino Staging, Bill Berry from Resurrection Street Ministry who provided much of the food, and to our great volunteers Chris Heintzman, Bob Bessen, Andi St. John, Theresa Gude, Kat Liston, and Jordan Smith for making it both efficient and fun.

Music feeds the soul. We feed the hungry.

Photo credit: Corbett Creative

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