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Getting Ready for Our Big Distribution for LA-area Gig Workers!

Thank you Mike Scherkenbach of Shomotion, LLC and driver Bud Smith for bringing a full load of essential items, chicken and beef, and all sorts of snacks, cereals, and dry goods courtesy of Pastor John Gallegos of Metro Ministries. A true gift that will benefit so many families in need!

Once the truck was unloaded, our wonderful friends and volunteers from Insomniac Events worked their butts off all day organizing all of the essential items so that they’re ready to go for Saturday’s drive-through distribution for LA area gig workers.

Leo Ramirez, Dave Ockun, and Chris Gratton, pictured below, are the great masterminds of the sorting, itemizing, and organization of this terrific contribution for this weekend. Too much fun at Gallagher Staging and Productions, Inc., our pre-distribution headquarters!

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