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Innovation at it’s finest: the community helping the community!

Musically Fed dropped off a bag of dry goods including pasta, canned veggies, rice, and other goods at the Xanadu Coffee Co. for Covid19 mutual aid- Phoenix's community fridge!

Anyone in need can pick up dry goods at the coffee shop - which by the way, has killer coffee! - and the refrigerator just down the street has fresh fruits, almond milk, soy milk, eggs, dairy, etc. The refrigerator is overflowing, so those of you that live in the Roosevelt area or east of there and are in need of food, it’s right there for the taking and it’s all free.

For those of you that live in the Roosevelt area of Phoenix and can afford to drop off a can of veggies, a bag of chips, rice, or other food needs, we encourage you to do so, and treat yourself to a drink at Xanadu while you're there.

We applaud this innovative work!

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