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Musically Fed Provides Over 22,000 Meals for Nashville Event Workers and Non-Profits

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Magic happened as the live event and touring industries came together through Musically Fed to distribute over 22,000 meals and several thousand pounds of dry goods to families in need in Nashville, Tennessee.

On Monday, July 13, a drive-through car distribution was conducted at Soundcheck Nashville for over 140+ families of behind-the-scenes workers in the music industry. Each car received freshly-prepared frozen meals, fresh produce, dry goods, bottled water and other food products, courtesy of Minneapolis’s Loaves & Fishes, via two semis loaded with supplies, arriving in Nashville the weekend prior for sorting and packaging by volunteers.

Renowned production director Jake Berry, with Just a Bunch of Roadies Co-Founders, Charlie Hernandez and Lori Tierney, powered Scottsdale-based Musically Fed’s effort to feed live event workers and their families in Music City this past week. Rhino Staging, Ben Jumper of Soundcheck Nashville, Kris O'Connor of Dega Catering and dozens of others answered Musically Fed’s call to distribute meals and groceries to local gig workers.

“Watching the whole community come together for our 8th and largest distribution nationwide, to help so many, was a force of nature,” declared Musically Fed Founder, Maria Brunner. “Thanks to Charlie Hernandez’s association with the historic Loaves & Fishes, we received food and other resources, originating from as far as Colorado and Minnesota, delivered to provide sustenance to an often overlooked group who are most likely to be the last to return to the workforce in the entertainment/live music industry. Through Jake Berry, Ben Jumper, Kris O’Connor and the dedication of so many others, we were able to pull this off.   

In addition to the members of the music community, Musically Fed was able to distribute additional food and dry goods to numerous Nashville non-profits in need, including Brad and Kim Paisley's The Store, Matthew 25, Room In The Inn, Salvation Army, Nashville Rescue Mission, One Generation Away, Hands of Hope and Project Connect Nashville to help lighten the burden of the current food insecurity that is rampant in the US. 

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