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Phoenix Volunteer Opportunities

Updated: Apr 6

Phoenix Suns

We are seeking volunteers to help re-purpose unused catering from Phoenix Suns home games taking place at Footprint Center. You will be working with the catering company at the stadium, Levy, and for the most part, these are evening / late-evening opportunities where volunteers will pick food up at the stadium and deliver to nonprofit partners throughout the city, each of which is three to five miles away from the arena.

Duties will include picking up clean pans at the nonprofit agency before heading to Footprint Center, as the catering company will use these pans to pack the food. Once packed, the food will be taken back to the nonprofit and your night is done!

All positions and shifts are unpaid volunteer-based. Volunteers must be 18 years and older (or accompanied by an adult) and will need an SUV, pick up truck, or sedan with deep trunk space. Please plan on arriving at Footprint Center two hours after tip-off. More information will be provided a few days in advance of the game you sign up for.

For more information and to sign up, click here: https://forms.gle/S3oL1zAncqDS4Ljn9


We are seeking volunteers to help re-purpose unused catering from concerts at venues around The Valley, including Ak-Chin Pavilion, Footprint Center, Arizona Federal Theatre, Gila River Arena, and others. These are evening / late-evening opportunities where volunteers will pick food up at the venue and deliver to nonprofit partners throughout the city.

All positions and shifts are unpaid volunteer-based. Please plan on arriving at the venue prior to show time to pack up lunch, survey and pack up dinner, and assist with filling out paperwork. More information and detailed instructions will be provided a few days in advance of the concert you sign up for.

For more information and to sign up, click here: https://forms.gle/euWBnwsMbjzb72WT9

Resurrection Street Ministry

We are continuing our volunteer partnership with Resurrection Street Ministry in Mesa and need help each Saturday through at the least the summer. We have need for four to six volunteers (16+) from 10:30am to 2pm each Saturday to assist with unloading food trucks, sorting food boxes, and loading supplies in walk-in freezers and refrigerators.

If you're interested, reach out to suzanne@insightmgt.net to secure your spot.

Midwest Food Bank Deliveries

Musically Fed has opportunities to help with pick-ups and deliveries from Midwest Food and Resurrection Street Ministry to nonprofits in the area. Twice a month on Wednesday mornings we need someone to meet at Midwest Foods to select food and dry goods from what’s available that morning. Supplies will be packed and loaded onto pallets and then trucked to Resurrection Street Ministry, which is located a few miles away. Volunteers will follow the truck to help offload the pallet and either store it at Midwest Foods or deliver it to another outlet.

For more information, contact suzanne@insightmgt.net

In-Office Administrative Support

We are in need of volunteers to assist with clerical tasks at our Scottsdale office (responding to phone calls, emails, dictations, thank you notes, etc.). For more information, contact suzanne@insightmgt.net.

Midwest Food Bank Volunteer Opportunities - Other

Our partner, Midwest Foods, has a variety of volunteer opportunities in the Valley and Tucson. For more information on available positions, please visit this link.

Some key points:

  • PLEASE pre-register for events so that they know you are joining them! This helps make sure they have enough product and stations for all volunteers to have a meaningful volunteer experience!

  • If you would like to schedule a group volunteer event, please contact Macie Korbas at 480-892-0134.

  • There aren't any age restrictions on volunteers - ALL ages are welcome! Minors do need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Their regularly scheduled volunteer sessions are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm, and the 3rd Tuesday evening of every month from 6:30-8:00 pm under the event name 'Just Serve Night'. They also offer a fun event for working adults in the community on the 4th Tuesday evening of every month from 5:30-7pm called Business Networking Night. When signing up for a volunteer event, please read the event descriptions to know what the opportunity involves. If you can't find a specific day or date, that most likely means that the event is full. If you haven't volunteered with Midwest before, the first step is to go the App Store on your mobile device and download the 'Golden Volunteer Opportunities' App. You can click on 'Join Now' to create an account within the app. (Please note - you will need to do this even if you previously had an account on the Volunteer Hub as the two systems are completely separate.) Once you're in the app, you can search for 'Midwest Food Bank' and you should see 4 regular sessions. You can click on the event to read more information and see additional dates that are available. If you see an event that works for your schedule, click on the radio button next to that event (can even choose multiples dates if available!) and then click the 'sign up' button, and you will be registered! On the day of the event, you will check in at one of the kiosks in the community room at Midwest Food Bank.

If you have minor children or additional family members that want to volunteer with you, go to the registration page and parents can first click on "+ Add Guest". Add all guests before you complete your sign-up. You will receive a confirmation email(s) if you completed the registration correctly. If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to reach out to Macie Korbas at 480-892-0134.

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