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Rockin' It This 4th of July Weekend!

What a great start to the 4th of July festivities this past weekend! In Phoenix, we repurposed 66 meals and 80 pounds of fruit and veggies to Victory Village from the Fall Out Boy show at the Talking Stick Amphitheater.

In Nashville on Friday, we repurposed 30 meals to Matthew 25 from the Peso Pluma show at Ascend Amphitheater in spite of heavy winds, lightning, and rain. On Saturday we were able to repurpose 84 meals from the Kid Rock show at Bridgestone Arena. Big thanks to our volunteers Connor Krier, Ros Gellar, and Laura Culbertson who went above and beyond by helping get this food to those in need during a weekend of celebration.

Also, huge thanks to LiveNation Tennessee and LiveNation Phoenix for making all of this possible.

If you are celebrating this week, purchase prudently and consider donating your leftovers to help others celebrate as well!

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