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The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix was in full swing this past Saturday, February 20th!

Musically Fed and Rhino Staging & Event Solutions enjoyed the beautiful morning as we distributed boxes of food for fifty cars belonging to workers in the live entertainment industry. Shout out to Steve Chilton and Jeff Taylor for giving us the space, and kudos to Reap and Sow Coffee, the Rebel Lounge's daytime operation, for their hot & creative refreshments that gave everyone the caffeine boost they needed to have a great time. We are proud and thankful for all the generous Musically Fed volunteers and neighbors who donated fresh fruit and NYBB Restaurant & Deli for providing an astonishing amount of bagels and bialys. So much, in fact, that each car was able to leave with their own bag of fruit and their own bag of bagels!

This past Saturday really showed how empathetic, persistent, and supportive the Musically Fed Family is. Special thanks to Shari Corbett Photography for the great photos!

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