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CMA Fest/Nissan Stadium

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Success Snapshot: CMA Fest 2019

Ten venues. Five days. Over 32 deliveries of food to six charities. Eight hundred people fed; veterans, homeless men and women, young people, and families. Rain, lightning, mud. A team of volunteers, donating their time, SUVS, their brawn and working fourteen-hour days, coordinating with a myriad of intermediaries. This is a day in the life for Musically Fed.

Replicating our success in Phoenix, Musically Fed took a boots on the ground approach when we recently partnered with music industry powerhouse Warner Music Nashville and The Country Music Association (CMA), redistributing hundreds of pounds of excess catering from Nashville’s CMA Fest, over 6 days.

Together with our partners in Phoenix, Nashville, and across the country, Musically Fed is committed to joining the conversation on food waste and hunger.

Thanks to Musically Fed’s amazing friendship and association with Kris O’Connor/Dega, Musically Fed was able to pick up catering from the Nissan Stadium shows every morning and distribute to various Nashville area organizations that feed the 1 in 8 that go hungry, thus fulfilling the mission of helping those greatest in need.

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