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Wow! Our Food Drive With Ian Munsick Was a Stunning Success!

Updated: May 2, 2023

We couldn’t be more proud of Ian Munsick's fans for all the help they gave us and to those in need. Wednesday night’s food drive yielded 1500 lbs of food. We simply are stunned by the amount of support we received and couldn’t be more proud to be associated with an artist with such a giving fan base.

A HUGE thank you is owed to the Marquee Theatre and the security staff there for their exceptional support of our efforts.

We also would like to thank our generous volunteers: Chris Heintzman, Dottie Lulick, and Brandi Fjeld, all of whom spent a precious evening helping make sure everything went smoothly.

Last but not least we would like to thank Edison Brown with Native American Connections for saving the day many times.

We look forward to continuing to serve the Phoenix community and the vets of Native American Connections. If you would want to support our mission in the #fightagainsthunger, please consider clicking the donate button below.

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